We’ve got a Roof

Due to needing to be at the office early, we were not able to visit the site this morning, but¬†our new neighbours were there and were very kind and sent some photos to us ūüôā

The roof had already been unloaded from the truck and was being lifted into place.

image1image3By lunch time, almost all of the rafters were in place and covered, so the house is now waterproof from above. Yesterday the stairs led to nowhere, but today we can say that we (almost) have a first floor!


img_2116Later in the afternoon, the builders had already made a lot of progress with the blocks for the gable ends.
p1040544Today, we also received an e-mail with a detailed plan of what will be done each week until the house is finished.

The next major milestone should be reached next week Рwhen the doors and windows are scheduled to arrive.

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