Finally, after a week-and-a-half of waiting, the cellar was built today.

Several of us arrived in shifts to take photos throughout the day, starting at 8am, by which the team of around 5 builders were already busy at work, supported by a crane and its driver, and a convoy of 3 large trucks (two containing the wall elements, and one more with the cellar roof).

They must have started at first light, as by 8am they had already installed the first of 8 concrete cellar wall elements.

img_1930-edit img_1931-edit img_1932-edit img_1938-edit img_1939-edit img_1940-edit img_1943-edit img_1951 img_1953-edit img_1962

By 8:45 the last of the elements was in place. The concrete slabs for the cellar roof were still sitting waiting on their truck!


They didn't sit there long either, just long enough for some supports to be installed and for the crane to put the blocks for building the interior cellar walls into the cellar before the roof went on and would mean carrying the blocks down there by hand!

p1040512 p1040515 p1040518Before lunch, the last of the roof panels was on, and preparations for pouring concrete were started. Here's how it looked by 2pm.

img_1972On the way home from work we went to have a look and met a concrete mixer truck going the other way, and as we arrived at the site the concrete pump was just pulling off, and the builders were putting the finishing touches to the concrete and covering it with polythene for the night.

We will go and have a look in the morning, as we have to meet the electricity installation company. Hopefully, some more pictures to follow soon!

Construction Dates

Begin (Groundwork)7th November 2016
End (Handover)19th April 2017