Groundwork Day 1

One of the disadvantages of building in the winter is that by the time we are on our way home from work, it is already dark, so we had to use the car headlights to see the result of the first day of the groundwork.

Despite that, we were not disappointed, as we can see that the entire hole for the cellar has been dug out today.



There will probably not be much more to see in the coming days, as the concrete for the base is ordered to arrive only early next week, so at the weekend we will be able to get a photo of how it looks in daylight.

We also heard from the Construction Manager today, who sent a mail with the upgrade price offer for the water pressure-tight cellar windows that he had recommended to us when we had first met.

The advantage of these windows is that if the groundwater level rises above the bottom of the windows, the water is kept out of the cellar. Also if the window shafts fill up because of heavy rain, the water will be kept out. The disadvantage is the cost – we have three windows in the cellar and the upgrade cost is more than 1000 Euro each.

We will have to read up on the internet and do some kind of risk/benefit analysis before deciding. Apparently, we don't need to decide until next week.


Construction Dates

Begin (Groundwork)7th November 2016
End (Handover)19th April 2017