Doors and Windows

Early on Wednesday morning, I arrived at the site at around the same time as the windows and doors.

img_2173-copy-edit img_2184

Since we had been told that they would be installed either on Wednesday or Thursday, we were pleasantly surprised when we quickly drove past on the way home from work on Wednesday to see that they had already been installed. Fortunately, we'd already got the keys to go inside, as the construction manager gave them to us when we met him on Tuesday.

img_2194 img_2199

We also got some daylight photos on Thursday, and are happy with the way the house looks.

p1010084 p1010085 p1010087 p1010088 p1010089 p1010090

There's only a very tiny bit of bricklaying left to do around the windows and right at the top of one of the gable ends, and the roof tiles should arrive next week.

Construction Dates

Begin (Groundwork)7th November 2016
End (Handover)19th April 2017