We've bought the plot!


Today we are pleased to announce that we have taken a big step forward. At 4.30 pm we met with the current owner of the plot and the notary for the reading and signing of the contract.

After a few formalities, filling in passport numbers and tax IDs, the notary read out the entire contract, all 10 pages of it and then we and the current owner put ink to paper.

We left the notary's office about 5.40 pm as fully signed up future owners of the plot!

An observation about notaries – we can confirm what we read in someone else's blog, that they have their own special express speed for reading out long documents – it was difficult to keep up at times! Fortunately, we had both read through the draft when we received it last week, so were able to follow all of the points.

The original plot (as originally purchased by the seller) is now being split into three plots (of which we are buying just the one), and the formalities are not yet complete, so it is not yet possible to enter the sale into the land registry (and we also don't have pay for it just yet).

Fortunately, this should be finished in the next few days, and should not delay the start of our build. Hopefully, by the time the documents for the planning application are all prepared following the meeting tomorrow morning, this will be finished, and will not delay submitting the planning application or hold it up.

If all continues to go to plan, building will start 49 days from today. When put like that it all rather does sound a little tight, so we will keep our fingers very tightly crossed.

Picture credit: pixabay.com

Construction Dates

Begin (Groundwork)7th November 2016
End (Handover)19th April 2017