Upstairs Flooring

img_1803-editIt's Saturday again, and we set off at 9am to go to the site with a tape measure. We forgot to take it with us on Tuesday when the marker posts to mark the corners of the house were put in and wanted to check that they are in the right place. Everything is good, they are where they should be.

The plot behind ours (which had a digger parked on it on Tuesday), now has a huge cellar-shaped hole in it. It looks like that house (which is being built by a different builder) is going to be going up at the same time too.

After that, we went to the DIY store to look again at click-vinyl flooring. The in-store expert from Logoclic was really helpful and answered all of our questions about the Aqua Splash range, which we had seen for the first time last week.

Even though we are not going to put it into the bathroom, we want to have something waterproof so that we can clean it with our steam cleaner (I almost wrote ‘pressure washer' by mistake – no it doesn't need to be that waterproof!).

We already had some samples which we brought home last week, but a new colour had just arrived so we forked out for the €3 deposit so that we could bring the new one home too. We now have samples the four colours shown in the picture above at home.

After looking at them in both daylight and also with lights on this evening, we have decided on ‘Stratford' (top left).

Next job: take the other samples back and collect €9!


Construction Dates

Begin (Groundwork)7th November 2016
End (Handover)19th April 2017