Searching for a Building Plot

Today we cycled to a small village not far from here – to look at a building plot which we saw advertised for sale.

Although the plot has more than enough space for a good sized house plus ample parking / garage, it is effectively the existing back garden of a small three-storey block of apartments. Since we plan for a two-storey detached house, we would be overlooked from three sides by some quite tall buildings.

On the positive side, the small village has a railway station just a few minutes walk away, so it would be possible to get to work by train with no issues (this is important for us, as neither of us likes to drive our car’s in the snow and ice unless we really have to!)

Sadly we decided very quickly that this plot was not for us, but it inspired us to start a search of all building plots for sale within 20 km or so and started a list of people to call.



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