Our Sign Has Arrived

Not very much has happened in the past few days. At the moment we are simply waiting for the meeting with the Notary on Monday afternoon, the “Service Meeting” (for finalising the planning application) on Tuesday morning, the kitchen planning on 8th October and the decor planning on 12 October.

Since we have to go to the showroom in Kaarst for the decor planning meeting, Viebrockhaus is kindly putting us up in a hotel for the night so that we can be there first thing.

We think we will have to go to Kaarst yet again for the electrical planning,  we will hopefully get the same offer next time too. With hindsight, maybe we should have asked if we also can do the electrical planning while we are there on 12th October, but it might be a little overwhelming to have to make so many decisions in one go!

For something to do while we are waiting, we have added three new things to the blog (further down the home page):

  1. There is now a Contact Us link, so if you want to ask any questions, or just to say hello please feel free!
  2. To make sure we don’t lose track of all the appointments and meetings, we have added a Milestone Plan.
  3. We have added links to a few other blogs (in German) of other people currently building with Viebrockhaus. We are reading those blogs on a daily basis to inform and educate ourselves what we can expect a few months down the line.

Also, in case you didn’t notice – the sketch of the house at the top of the page has now been updated so that it more closely matches the brickwork.

Today we visited the site just to see how the other houses have moved on in the past week and were pleasantly surprised to see that our sign (with our names on it) has been installed already!

Viebrockhaus Sign

We still have no news about the results of the ground survey and we have still not received the fixed price offer – surely that must come soon – maybe it will magically appear by the time we meet with our consultant on Tuesday.

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