Our Cellar Has Been Buried

At 8am, one corner of the cellar still hadn’t been filled in with soil, but the digger driver assured me that they would be finished today (as you can see in the photos further down, they were indeed more or less finished by around 2pm).

The site now looks more or less the same as is we didn’t have a cellar, but instead just a concrete base for the house. Only the window shafts and the hole where the stairs tell the full story.

Our Construction Manager, Mr H. called this morning, to let us know that they are going to start earlier than originally planned with the walls, and asked us to pick up a water standpipe from the water authority and drop it off at the site. We had already clarified that this was just a case of going to the water authority, handing over a cash deposit and picking one up.

Sometime during the morning, a delivery of concrete blocks arrived from Ytong for the ground floor (the blocks for the internal cellar walls were already down in the cellar since last week).

Due to the current cold temperatures, they have only started in the cellar today, so it doesn’t look any different yet. Hopefully, it will warm up again in the coming days.

Pictures from 8am:



Pictures from 2pm:

p1010013 p1010014 p1010015

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