New Housing Areas

During our search for a building plot, we came across a few ‘new housing areas' – generally areas on the edge of existing towns or villages which are being sold off for new houses to be built.

We drove around a few of these areas and quickly found that in many cases the building plots had not only already been sold, but the houses have already been built, and people have moved in. Too late.

We visited one area where half of the area had been sold a little earlier than the other half. In the ‘first half', almost all of the houses are already built, and in the other half a couple of houses are half built, a few more are at the groundwork stage, and most plots were completely empty.

Since the small town does not have a railway station, we were happy to see a bus stop, right on the edge of the development.

  • In morning and evening peak periods, a direct bus into the city every 15 minutes, taking less than half an hour
  • At other times, once an hour.

Even though the town is very small, with less than 14000 inhabitants, it is well connected to the main road / Autobahn network and has one large supermarket, a medium sized ‘high-end' supermarket and of course both of the two internationally renowned German discount supermarkets.

Perfect! That all works for us so far, and once we got home we started to look for adverts for the remaining building plots and made a list of the people to call…

Construction Dates

Begin (Groundwork)7th November 2016
End (Handover)19th April 2017