Interior Construction Week 2

Today we had our weekly meeting with our construction manager, so it was a good opportunity to take some photos in daylight.

The electricians are now finished with the installation of cables, ducts, satellite cables and network cables, and  the plumbers have now finished installing all the water pipes for the WCs, sinks, shower and bath.

None of the cables are connected up in the cellar yet though.

Due to our water tank being in the cellar, it was recommended back in October, that we install a circulation management system for the hot water. This consists of additional pipes so that the hot water can be circulated when not in use. This meaning that we don’t waste 10 litres of water each time, waiting for the hot water from the tank in the cellar to reach the tap. Our understanding is that this can be timer-controlled so that it is not running 24 x 7. This should mean that it is not too expensive to run (maybe even saving money by reducing the water consumption).

The plasterboard walls are now almost complete (for some reason there are still a small number of panels which haven’t yet been done – they certainly seem to be taking longer than it was written in the plan, but doesn’t seem to be holding up the overall progress.

The screed should be coming on Friday / Saturday, so the plumbers will still be busy over the next few days.

First of all, two layers of polystyrene have to be laid over the concrete floor and all the cables & ducts, and then a plastic sheet.

Once this has been done, the water pipe spirals for the under-floor heating will laid, and then the screed can be delivered!

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