Interior Construction Day 5

It’s Friday already, but not quite the end of the busy two weeks, as the builders will be working tomorrow.

I went to the house early this morning as we wanted to make sure that holes for the bathroom sockets (and light switch) above the sink, that were originally marked in the wrong place got drilled in the right place. The best way was to directly talk to the electrician.

Fortunately the three electricians arrived about ten minutes after me. Meanwhile the holes are drilled in the right place and the cables are run.

We also went on the way home from work (because it was Friday we got away early so for a change it was still daylight!). Since the builders were busy moving big sheets of plasterboard around, and we didn’t want to get in their way. For this reason not too many new photos today.Most of the walls are now plasterboarded on at least one side and the first floor has now fully taken shape!

Bathroom Panorama…

Guest Bedroom…

The plumbers seem to be well on top of things, and earned themselves a day off today (there is no point trying to install pipes on walls that haven’t been built yet!).

The bath will go into the space to the left of this box, and the WC to the right…


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