Garden Visualisation

As mentioned earlier, we had a first meeting with a local landscape gardener in early January. After receiving a quote, considering all of the options we talked about at the first meeting and making a few small alterations, we met with him again yesterday.

We are now waiting on an updated quote for the following work, which we are hoping will be done at the start of May:

  • 15m driveway at the side of the house
  • 7m parking space (at the front of the house)
  • 3.5m x 5m terrace on the west side of the house (back garden)
  • 2m x 3m terrace on the south side of the house
    All of the above will use Caldera block paving from Kreher Beton in ‘Muschelkalk nuanciert’ (Nuanced Shell Limestone)
  • Levelling of the topsoil and grass seeding
  • A step at the front door
  • A couple more steps from the parking space up to the garden level
  • Gravel drainage bed

We have decided that we might leave the fence a little while, as we don’t know exactly when the road/path will be finished and are not sure that it makes sense to install the fence before that is done.

To try to get an idea how it will look, we made this ‘artists impression’ in Photoshop just for fun…

Less than 80 days to go!



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