Cellar Insulation

First thing this morning we had a short meeting with a surveyor from the electricity installation company at the site. They will overtake the co-ordination of the fresh water, electricity and telephone connections (so that it is not necessary to dig the street up three different times).

Unfortunately, our construction manager wasn’t able to attend as promised (he was just down the road at another house but seemed to have double booked himself), but hopefully the questions the surveyor had for him can be sorted out by telephone so that we don’t have to make another appointment.

As for the construction, on day 2 of the cellar build, the builders have been busy installing the insulation on the outside of the walls.
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Tomorrow, they are going to be finished with that and then (as we have understood it) the cellar will be ‘wrapped’ in a waterproof material to keep the damp out. In the coming days, the hole will be filled in again. From then on the cellar will only be visible from the inside.

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