Bricklaying Day 1

Another icy cold night with clear blue skies and sunshine this morning. On the drive to the site, I was sceptical about whether the builders would even be there at all at 8am, but work was well under way.

More supplies had been delivered, and a small pile of broken bricks meant that someone was working already, but I couldn't see anyone at first.


Some moments later and I found them, in the cellar, staying warm and building the internal walls. One of the builders did then come up to use the saw.

amimg_2042 amimg_2043 amimg_2045

Until it warms up it is too cold for bricklaying outside, but with all that insulation (and maybe some electric heaters?) it was warm enough in the cellar. They were, however, confident that with the sun shining they would be able to work outside later in the day.

Here are a couple of panorama shots of the site. The difference now that the big hole is completely filled in is amazing – the garden seems to have re-appeared!

amimg_2047 amimg_2048

I was able to leave the office early today and managed to get back to the site just before 4pm.


It looks in the picture above that they have finished the interior walls in the cellar, but in fact, they haven't had time. They were too busy working on the exterior walls for the ground floor!
p1010022 pmimg_2057pmp1010021

If it is too cold tomorrow morning, they will finish the cellar off first thing.

Construction Dates

Begin (Groundwork)7th November 2016
End (Handover)19th April 2017