Another Brick in the Wall

Since I was out early for a 7am haircut, I dropped by the site at around 7.30am.

It was still dark, and the builders were still sitting outside in their vans. It was the first time I have arrived before they had started work! They had however switched on the lights and radio, so I was able to go in and have a look upstairs.

There is not much place to walk about, as they have stocked up with building supplies before they put the roof on (while they could still use a crane to do save all the lifting and carrying!)

img_2129 img_2127Finally today it was a little warmer, and they have been able to continue with the bricklaying.

One of the long sides of the house is now bricked up to the top of the ground floor level, the other long side is about half-way up, and the ends are not started. Hopefully, it will stay warmer for a few days to let them get that finished by the middle of next week. After that, the weather will be a much less important factor.

Construction Dates

Begin (Groundwork)7th November 2016
End (Handover)19th April 2017