A Trip to Kaarst

Today we took another long drive (not as long as last week though) to Kaarst, one of Viebrockhaus’ two ‘material sample centres’.

Here you can choose everything from which bricks and roof tiles, to which bathroom sink, to which type of light switches you want.

There are two sections – ‘options that are included in the price’ and ‘options that cost you more’.

We were extremely pleased that the ‘options that are included in the price’ are already of extremely high standard (for example Villeroy and Boch floor tiles and bathroom ceramics, Grohe taps), and that at least for most things we do not foresee choosing any ‘options that cost you more’.

Since we have not signed a contract, we have not made final selections – we will go back in a couple of months and make our selections. Our trip today was simply to see what was included, to reassure ourselves about the total budget.

Again, we came home feeling happy that we took the time to go to Kaarst and are looking forward to finalising the house specification.

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