A quick update!

Since we haven’t updated the blog for a while, and since we thought it was already a little overdue, here’s a quick update.

Nothing has really been happening as the house next to us has been keeping the builders busy and is making rapid progress.

Despite being the second house out of three to be started, ours will be the last to be finished. This is in part because we have a cellar, and in part because we have bricks on the outside, whereas the others will be rendered.

Since the really exciting day when the roof and the solar panels were installed back on 21st December, the following has happened:

  • The ceiling support jacks that were supporting the ground floor ceiling / upstairs floor have been removed as the concrete has now had well over a month to dry
  • The soffit boards have been installed, so now there is no huge gap under the eaves
  • The fence that was surrounding the site (which was only there because of the excavation for the cellar) has been removed
  • A storm blew over the sign and some toilets, most of which have been put upright again
  • We have been waiting for the scaffolding to be taken down so that we can get a good look at the house for the first time, but it hasn’t gone yet!

As frustrating as it is for us to have to wait so long for any progress (especially after the daily dramatic progress during November and December), it was planned that way.

Other than the scaffolding not being removed the only things planned for Week 1-4 of 2017 were the installation of the French Balconies (it is written in the plan that these can be installed anytime between January and April) and cleaning of the brickwork (which will be done at the same time as pointing the brickwork, for which it is currently too cold). Neither of these outside jobs is (or will) hold-up the work inside.

Starting next week, however, we do expect to see some progress again. Over the next two weeks (30th January to 12th February):

  • The roof insulation should be installed
  • The dry walls should be built
  • The electrical installation should begin
  • The plumbing installation should begin
  • The bathroom installation should be partly done (bath and shower tray)
  • The heating system should be installed (boiler and underfloor pipes)
  • The floor should be filled in (screed) to a depth of 18cm downstairs and 16cm upstairs.

Pictures will follow of course.

Upstairs Flooring

At the weekend we are off to choose a new floor covering for upstairs. We found out yesterday that the one we chose previously (click-vinyl) has strangely disappeared without a trace from the internet, and seems not to be available any longer. We are not sure why, but if there is a problem with it, we are happy to have found out sooner rather than later!

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